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Metaverse Returns Unchanged

Another year and another round of questionable and somewhat ridiculous stipulations for the Metaverse Pageantry. The attempted subversion and consequential fallout with Ascendent forced  Hethwen Vertaus (heth) back to the supposedly closed Metaverse. Even now with co-owner and previous year’s runner-up winner Anastasia Mahogany (anastasianin), and director Anna Wintour (annawintour1), little has changed but a few newly absurd additions are worth noting.

Like most pageants, there are preliminary castings that normally span over a couple of months. Metaverse chose to hold them monthly throughout the year. The final competition will then be between the twelve male and twelve female avatars that made it through these castings. There is generally an openness to these competitions for audiences and participants alike but Metaverse once again feels the need to keep things behind closed doors.

 If you are not chosen to compete in Top 5 you are required to exit the land.

Now why is that? Those who made the Top 5 but not the Top 3 are all allowed to sit and watch but yet all others have to leave? Even those who do not make it through rounds in other pageants are allowed to stay and watch as part of the audience, but that is assuming there is even an audience at all in Metaverse. As done in previous years, these are held behind closed doors.

Each of the 12 monthly winners must complete an essay of 5 paragraphs on ‘Why you would like to become Mr. or Miss Metaverse. This will be published in the METAVERSE magazine.

What virtual pageant requires their contestants to write essays for publishing? The lack of creativity and attempt to fluff up their articles with written work by contestants is a crude method on the publisher’s part. There is also no guidance for those who are not native English speakers, assuming that the articles need to be in English for the “Executive Board” to read.

Winners of the title will take part in an interview with the owners and staff of METAVERSE & CO and Metaverse Pageantry within the following week that they are crowned to sign their contracts and agreements. They will openly discuss their platforms, rules and requirements.

Whoa, wait a minute… why are these rules and requirements not made publicly available before casting? Is it because Heth knows that there are some stipulations that will be disagreeable by most people? It seems that by declaring a contestant a winner, Heth hopes that the contestant will feel that they have no other choice but to say yes or risk losing a hard earned title.

The following Metaverse Pageantry guidelines for eligibility were unanimously agreed upon and set forth by the Metaverse Pageantry Executive Board.

What board? There is not a single public list stating who is on this “Executive Board” or even a staff roster. For all anyone may know, this board could consist of very, very few people who may not be considered as qualifying judges in comparison to other pageants and academies.

Must be recognized medically fit and legally of sound mind to be able to maintain yourself in a professional manner and ethically execute the position of Mr or Miss Metaverse, Metaverse Pageantry, and our Parent company METAVERSE & CO and all of it’s divisions, sponsors and affiliates should you earn this honor.

The worst part of this sentence is when one realizes that many members of SecondLife are those with medical issues that do not affect them mentally in any manner but limits their physical lives in some aspect. Perhaps they were attempting to say that those with mental instability need not apply but as it stands it encompasses all medical problems, to include any physical.

No contestant or any member of their SL family can be employed by or related to anyone employed by Metaverse Pageantry, any Official Sponsor of Metaverse Pageantry, any member of the Executive Board of Metaverse Pageantry, METAVERSE & Co. … (cont.)

Oh but that does not mean that the judges cannot be! Think about that.

Must be willing to release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against Metaverse Pageantry or Linden Labs, Its parent and affiliated or related companies and their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and assigns, which they may have by virtue of their participation in their pageant, or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and/or biography in connection with their pageant, including use in promotional and advertising material.

Yeah, no. The words “unconditionally and forever” should never be applied in this manner. This is again one of the worst stipulations any group can have without a clearly limited time frame. No sane person in the real world would agree to a contract like this.

Must agree to release all rights of any articles written or photographed, but not limited to these formats – and grant Metaverse and METAVERSE & CO full permission to use their likeness and articles without restriction.

Again, no restrictions is a terrible policy. Limits are set so that they protect the pageant and its contestants from each other. There is also nothing stating that they cannot use anything made prior to even entering the pageant so it is fair game to them as well.

Mr and Miss Metaverse as well as all of the Top 12 Finalists must remain active in the group to retain your national titles, and must agree to work with the pageant during our monthly workshop series to help promote the pageant. You will also be required to participate in at least 2 of runway 12 shows as determined by the pageant owners.

So even if you are not a grand prize winner, you have to participate in at least two of Heth’s shows to retain the title. Well, that is a certainly a newly absurd restriction and a cheeky way to refill empty spots in Heth’s modeling pool. Congrats, you earned your ♛MM Country 2018 title but in order to keep it, you have to take part in Heth’s fashion shows. This is all about control, just as it was before when title winners were told that they had to stay in Heth’s Metaverse group to retain their title even during a time when SecondLife had fewer group spaces. No one can take a title away from anyone once they have earned it.

Winners cannot make public appearances without it being cleared through the Executive Board of the pageant.

Do you really want to be the winner of a pageant where you cannot even attend an event with friends on your off-time without being “cleared” by Heth for a full year? It sounds like the winner would be nothing more than a puppet controlled by the “Executive Board” members… aka Heth.

Oh, and whatever happened to the mentioning of prizes? I guess there are none again this year after the accountability failures from previous years.

EDIT: An in-world notecard outlining more stipulations for pageant contestants and winners has a few more little surprises for participants.

The following requirements, for the winners of the Mr and Miss Metaverse 2018 Pageant, have been established by the executive board of Metaverse & Co. These are not negotiable and must be agreed to in written contract by each winner of the title Mr or Miss Metaverse within 72 hours of winning their respective title.

Oh really? These rules are established by Heth, who notoriously reserves the right to change the rules at anytime.

Winner(s) of the title agree to submit 1 written article per month, for the 12 months of their reign to the CEO of Metaverse Magazine for publication. The article subjects will be determined by the executive board of Metaverse OR the CEO of Metaverse Magazine. … (continued) … Articles will be subject to editing by the CEO of Metaverse Magazine. Article will be no less than 5 paragraphs in content (essay form).

So not only are you now required to be a part of Heth’s shows but you also have to write monthly essays for his magazine on topics you will not have a choice on.

Winners understand that once they have crowned their successors they are released from all obligations to Metaverse & Co. and this contract.

Remember the “unconditionally and forever” portion? Pretty sure it still applies, even after being released, because Heth believes he can retroactively remove titles.

On a side note, the original 2017 winner was Popper Tigerpaw and the fallout with Ascendent is directly linked to Heth removing Popper. Funny how his story of her removal took seven months after the fact to be posted. There is one small thing that stands out oddly among all of this… Heth announced Anatasia’s retirement from her country title for a position as co-owner of Metaverse exactly one month prior to announcing her with the winning title and his reasoning behind Popper’s dismissal.


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