Metaverse Re-Brands to Ascendent & Changes Mind

15056255_718570461640137_1683627327823066761_nAs of 11 November 2016, Metaverse is disbanding and re-branding as Ascendent (Yes, it is a misspell of Ascendant). While it is not often that a company will re-brand itself as a way to show its changing attitude, new direction or even a merging of companies, sometimes they will re-brand to wipe their slate clean of a bad history to attract new customers. This does not mean that Heth and his team (family) have learned anything from their past mistakes and integrity issues. Funny how they still emphasize a zero drama policy… Only time will tell if things have indeed changed for the better or for worse.

As some of you are aware, we are going to be disbanding the Metaverse (including all of our divisions) and Superior Modeling groups. We are pleased to announce a NEW group – Ascendent.

Ascendent is the combination of Metaverse and all of our divisions with Superior Modeling and all of their divisions.

ASCENDENT – The parent group for Ascendent and all of it’s divisions. Ascendent was created by a merger of Metaverse Modeling Academy and Agency, and Superior Modeling Academy and Agency. We welcome everyone and maintain a zero drama policy. Stay connected to the leading source for everything fashion related in Second Life – ASCENDENT – The best in modeling, fashion, schools, runway shows, designers, pageants and so much more.

For those that want to be a part of the new company, please make sure you let me know. Students, we will be covering this more in your next class. Active models in all of our current agencies will automatically be transitioned into the new group. Any models that have not be active, will not be transitioned automatically and will need to contact me about a group invite.

Everyone (the general public) is welcome into our main group to keep up with all of our events, shows, castings, pageants and much much more.

EDIT: Heth was fired from Ascendent after an attempted subvert of the other co-owners for total control. Since Metaverse was never fully closed, he quickly fell back into it. Heth was able to seize control of the original Ascendent Facebook group, which he now uses as an advertising extension for Metaverse and his personal store. This is the second time he has been recorded for abusing administrative powers for Facebook groups with the first instance seen in changing “SL Fashion Shows & Events” to “YAWNS”, booting everyone from it and then deleting all of the posts.


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