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Notorious Flickr Bumpers


Image by Grazia.

On Flickr, Second Life residents can post some of the most amazing and life-like images. Many bloggers and designers use Flickr since it allows other Flickr subscribers to follow them and show their images on the subscriber’s Flickr feed in chronological order. By changing the date that the image was uploaded or changing who can view it, you can essentially bump an image back to the top of the feed. As a note, replacing a picture will not result in a bump and unlike Facebook, you cannot delete an image from your Flickr feed to remove duplicate or unwanted posts. This article specifically targets notorious bumpers who bump images at an alarming rate and categorizes their actions as spamming.

There are many excuses for why people do this but they all boil down to one main reason; to reach as many followers as possible. Other common excuses are as follows:

  1. To ensure that those in different time zones see the image.
  2. To get those ‘snazzy’ awards from groups for having over a certain number of favs.
  3. Designers need to bump a vendor image when an event opens or closes.
  4. Bloggers need to bump an image when they post credits in their blog article.
  5. To update an image after fixing a noticeable error.

For many, this issue has reached to the point where many Flickr subscribers will remove a favorite from the frequently seen image and/or unfollow the artist altogether, regardless how good their images are. Here are a few other common reasons why many are becoming increasingly agitated at notorious Flickr bumpers:

  1. It ruins the chronological aspect of the feed.
  2. It is annoying to see the same image pop up multiple times, over and over and over and over and over…
  3. Everyone knows the image is being bumped to increase favs and comments.

So what is a good balance? From both a designer and follower standpoint, there needs to be a practical compromise between wanting and needing to bump an image. Flickr is a tool for social media but should not be social media itself. The general consensus so far is that images bumped once or twice is considered tolerable, especially if there was decent reason behind it. Here are a few good reasons to follow:

  1. An item for an event has been created, when the event opens and when the event closes.
  2. The image was majorly edited and/or corrected.
  3. To reach different time zones. Be careful with this one and do not use every time zone as an excuse.
  4. Blog credits are added. This one is disputable since bloggers should already have everything set.

Notorious Flickr Bumpers

If you’re on this list, you made it there all on your own by spamming Flickr.
Don’t want to be on the list? Then don’t be that guy/gal!

  • Asshlley Moss
    • bumps new blog images multiple times and more than on an hourly basis
  • Mai Bilavio
    • bumps the same non-event vendor images multiple times, days and weeks after initial postings



One thought on “Notorious Flickr Bumpers

  1. Great post ! I’ve noticed Tom Jutte aka HereIsTom does this all the time in several groups three or four times every day. It’s one way to get hundreds of faves for oversaturated crap with squint horizons, I guess….

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