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SL Modeling – Expanding Your Skills

As a model in Second Life (SL), there are very few opportunities where the modeling job can recuperate the costs of being a model itself. From the hair, makeup, accessories, skins, clothing, shoes, poses and all things in between, it can amount to a lot for just one outfit. Many successful models have expanded their reach outside of the modeling sector and into design to help fund the expenses associated with modeling. Some also do it as a way to further showcase their creativity skills and/or take a small break from modeling. While jumpstarting a business in SL can be tough, there are a few key points to know before diving in.

Find your niche. What is needed most in SL and how can you bring it to the masses? Once you answer that, you might discover something that no one else has ever provided in the market. There are so many marketing holes just waiting to be tapped into, especially in the male fashion sector. This part may be the hardest to find at first but is one of the biggest keys to success.

Practice makes perfect and success is not always instant. It can take up to a year or more to perfect a skill and that time in between will test your patience and resolve. Your income to expenses ratio might not balance out for a while but stick with it and keep on trying. Eventually you will see the scales balance out in your favor and then in surplus.

Progression is innovation. Once you find yourself becoming comfortable in your niche, find more ways to improve or try something new. This will keep customers interested in your business and show them that your products will not stagnate in designs. Even if your first few creations are not that great, customers like to see improvement through progress and are more willing to support you.

Resource marketing within your modeling community. Giving back to those who support your endeavors is a win-win for both you as a designer and your fellow models. Your friends can be the first ones to receive a new product and help you market them to a wider audience. Most modeling friends will understand if you need a little boost, especially if you bring something awesome to them.

And lastly, help is always there. As part of the modeling community, your biggest asset is always within reach. Do not be afraid to ask for critiques on design features and flaws for who better to give tips and advice than fellow models. We all know what we want to see and each opinion or idea can help shape your work to something spectacular.

You might get bogged down from work or you might turn a complete 180 from what you first started doing but expanding your skills to areas beyond the modeling field is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a model. Think outside the box!


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