SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

Tips & Trends for 2015

05 Manual posing can be the best way to ensure that the pose you need plays on a busy sim but in doing so, you risk losing your selected poses in the event of a crash. To remedy this, create a folder specifically for that outfit’s poses. That way if you do crash, you can easily open up all of the needed poses from the folder.
04 While saved Outfits are technically copied links to the original file, they still go towards your inventory count. Be sure to go through and delete old, outdated outfits at least yearly to keep your numbers low.
03 Found the perfect nail color shade for your mesh hands and feet? Wearing an outfit that requires an applier? Save those applier buttons with the Outfit so you do not have to search for it at last minute during an outfit switch. Simply detach the applier once you are done and ready to go!
02 Stuck in a fashion rut? Try changing your look with a new skin and shape. You might create something quite unexpected! If you do not want a drastic makeover, then a new hair and eye color will work too.
01 Stay resilient and stay flexible! Do not let the bad times outweigh the good times or you will lose heart. Keep your chin up and stay focused on the open doors rather than the closed ones.

BIG BOLD BROWS are quickly becoming the latest staple in both the real world and Second Life fashion industry. Compared to your hair color, use darker colored brows for a matured face or lighter colored brows for a younger look.
To maximize the look, search for skins or brow tattoos with brows that are not only thicker but placed lower on the face. Then tweak your body hair layer’s eyebrow setting under Eyebrow Height to make it higher and bolder. Be cautious on balancing between bolder brows and a surprised looking face! You can even add in a bit more by lowering your Eyelid Height.
BYE BYE DUCK LIPS! Whether you loved them or hated them, the infamous “duck lips” are fading away to a more naturalized yet plump shape. While a higher upper lip is still useful for teeth layers and add-ons, the pouty extremes made popular by models such as Anna Sapphire and Asshlley Moss have reduced amongst most in the modeling community.
Proportionality and balance is the key when shaping your lips. The Lip Ratio is best set between 40-45 to keep the top lip full without outdoing the bottom. Anything lower than 35 may create the duck lip effect, depending on your skin.
HETEROCHROMIA IRIDUS, also known as different colored eyes, is steadily gaining popularity. The trick to using separate tones properly is to find ones that blend well together or have bits of both hues. Do not use unnaturally bright colors for either eye but keep to the same brand for the same reflections style.
Not only are eyes becoming separately toned but designers are also offering imperfect splotches for a more realistic and different look. Most notable model, Zaara Denimore, uses imperfect irises.

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