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Blogging 101 : Do’s & Don’ts

While both the Designer and Blogger have their own rights to accept and refuse one another, they can differ depending on the circumstances of their relationship. Most start out as friends helping each other to bring the product out into mainstream or a model/designer helping the other get their foot into the door of the fashion world. But regardless of how it starts, there are certain rights between the two that cannot be crossed.
Designers can pick and choose who they feel best represents their brand’s style. Designers can also refuse certain individuals for other reasons outside from styling, even if the person is part of a blogging group for an event. It can range anything from being associated with an unwanted group/person or as simple as disliking their photo style/quality. The designer does not need to explain themselves, especially if it involves a personal reason though most do as simple courtesy to avoid a dramatic argument. This puts a lot more power in their hands than a blogger since they are the creator of their works and brand name. One of the few things that they cannot do is tell freelance bloggers what to do.
Bloggers have the right to choose who and what they want to blog as well but if they are sponsored by a designer specifically, then they must adhere to the designer’s standards. This is often the root cause of spite between a designer and blogger. As styles change, it is important for the sponsored blogger to change with the designer or risk losing the personal sponsorship. If they are not directly sponsored, they have the option to decline blogging a particular item for any reason. Again, they do not have to disclose their reasoning but most do out of courtesy. For this reason, it is wise for designers to offer a photograph of what they wish for an unsponsored blogger to blog before sending their full item, just to ensure that the blogger has an interest in doing their part.
Freelance bloggers do not hold sponsorship and have a lot more freedom in how they work and with who. The items they blog about are usually those that they have bought themselves, received as gifts to blog or found during events. One of the most successful freelance bloggers, MokaTana Boa, proves that you do not need to be part of a designer’s blogging group to be a great blogger. Through her own styles, photography skills and smart marketing of her blog, she has a line of designers begging for her services.
As for the unwritten do’s and don’ts for blogging, here is a short list.
Do’s & Don’ts
  • DO communicate! We know that real life tends to throw a wrench into our usual schedules and you might fall behind but if you talk to the designer/blogger, they might be able to lend you a hand by giving you a break without the break-up.
  • DON’T procrastinate! Keep in mind that this works both ways. Tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month and soon you are swamped or forget about things altogether. In either case, someone is going to be left hanging and very frustrated.
  • DO critique! It is important to continuously improve, even if you think you are the best you can be.  From the designer’s works to the blogger’s posts, a friendly critique should be welcomed. Keep the critiques in a friendly manner with ideas on how it can be improved, rather than a straight attack on what is not liked.
  • DON’T attack! You will ruin all rapport with the person if you attack their works without any advice on improvements. Negativity without positivity only breeds resentment and anger. If you feel that you are being attacked on your personal style, then either talk it out civilly or walk away.
  • DO be thankful! You do not have to be overly gracious and bow to someone to show gratitude but a simple thank you and “Liking” or sharing their work is a good start. Eventually others will take your work for granted and forget the normal courtesies but it is imperative that we remind each other to be humble for the things we have to share. Keep in mind that depending on the person, their show of affection can differ so it is best to keep a fairly open mind.
  • DON’T leave without grace! After a relationship between designer and blogger is dissolved, it is important that both parties resolve any issues beforehand. This might include any promises, contracts and deals as well as any arguments unresolved. For both party’s image to remain clean, leaving with grace is a must for the public’s watchful eye. In the event that is does not happen, keep your head high and resilient for anything that comes, whether deserved or not.

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