The Folly of Photomanipulations

PicturesInBoxes-internetA “pile-up” and/or “photomorph” artist (and I use that term loosely for these lots) uses pieces of artwork from an original artist as their own. Would you still support them? Many do naively, especially when the source material is derived from celebrity or model shots (We all know that’s Tyra Banks), popular internet artwork or unlisted sources.

The artist then does not give credit to their source material. Or, does give credit but the source material is from the original artist’s webpage, a re-upload from another page or simply snagged from a Google search. Do you still support them?

Consider this, the original artist’s work is copyrighted and is not listed as stock art. Would you still support them as an artist… who disregards their fellow artist’s copyrights? Basically stomping over their work because “it’s on the internet and free to grab“.

Take that into consideration the next time you “fav” or “like” a photomanipulation. Do you really know that the source material is legit or is it stolen from someone else’s hard work? There are image search tools such as TinEye or Google that can search by image to backtrack where the original artwork came from. It may be harder with heavier manipulations but for those easy ones where most of the ‘work’ is untouched from the original, the true artistry will be found.

And for those ‘artists’ who are stealing other’s works, you are a shame and a fraud in the artist community. There are plenty of great, legitimate stock resources out there if you take the time to look for them. Here is a nugget, DeviantART has an entire major category dedicated to Resources and Stock Images.

Oh and, the comic was brought to you by PicturesInBoxes.

EDIT: Another example from this ‘artist‘ taking an original artist’s works. This time without any indication that it was not all of his own work because no one had caught it and publicly spoken about it. Since the first one mentioned at the top of this blog post, they have deleted my comment, blocked me and added where the original art came from, though it is still copyright theft. Their response:

In future, i would appreciate if you come to me privately before you slam my work like that in the comments section as you can see from the original pic -to my own i did do some work on it myself. I didn’t just morph him; and, a lot of people do morphs sweetheart. where they just stick a face on a body, i on the other hand like to add things to mine and mesh pictures together.

Of note, I did not “slam” their work, I stated and linked where the original image came from.

EDIT: And another theft from another DeviantART artist. And another, from yet another DeviantArt artist. And another from another DeviantART artist. See the trend? Due to the lack of responses from the original artists, thieves such as this person continue to take credit from other’s works, with no hesitation. Those that follow these types of artists are fooled into thinking that they have talent when their ‘talent’ lies in trickery.


3 thoughts on “The Folly of Photomanipulations

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  2. Don’t get me wrong here – I understand and appreciate what you’re saying here, but I find your approach concerning. Instead of warning people against liking or faving a manipulation, instead just educate about copyright. Again, as a manipulator who takes my own stock, I appreciate your message. I would just hate to see a legitimate artist miss out on support due to stigma.

    • I actually have a whole other post on copyright and outlined what constitutes as infringement for artists.

      The problem is that some people think that just because it pops up on Google or a seemingly legitimate stock site, that it’s okay to use… when it’s not. There are services out there such as TinyEye and Google Image search that can help retrace where the originals came from. And then there are those that feel that just because the original artist doesn’t respond with a copyright notice, that it’s okay anyways. I even noted where they can get good stock photos on DeviantART which is pretty darn good at making sure stuff isn’t copyrighted. Not perfect but it’s a better source than just ‘on the internet’.

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