The Carla Issue

The following is to showcase what has transpired from a particular person who has been slandering and defaming not only myself but others from the geisha and modeling community. This person has many alt accounts. Both images have since been removed from Flickr but before that happened, I was able to screenshot and stitch together the comments following them.

After the Miss Virtual World (MVW) 2015 finale, to which they were present in the livestream chat as Lacocinelle and had asked questions without any fuss, they decided to post this on Flickr (23 DEC 2014):


I then sent this notecard through my IsoMotion group and subscriber:

Friends and Groupies,

I highly recommend removing コハル Koharu (lacocinelle) from any fashion groups that advertise any SL pageants and fashion contests, if they are in there. This person shows a lack of respect towards models and contestants alike. I do not want to see this person hurt anyone during these contests nor bully anyone who is just starting in the modeling community.

This person has a long history of being a bully in the geisha community with various okiyas banning her. Before I knew who they were as a person, I had helped them with makeup and a couple poses (which they currently use still). When I found out about their past dealings with a couple okiyas that I’m close to, I started paying more attention and noticed their behavior. When they blatantly mimicked a prominent kimono store in title and requested a full perm kimono in the store’s image, I removed myself from them as a friend.

People can have opinions but when they start insinuating lies about a group without any knowledge of who they are as people and talk down about them as if they are inhuman or broken, then we have a problem. So, let’s remove this problem from our community. You do not have to respond to them for they won’t listen anyways.

(Flickr, deleted since)


Associated names and social media include:
Thank you,

– Isoldel


To which they received through someone and decided to post this on Flickr (24 DEC 2014):


The notecard I had sent (with no replies) to their members with the copycat profiles from Blue Lotus Okiya read this:

Your profiles include the following text art, which is distinct of those in the Blue Lotus Okiya. I have already brought this up to Lacocinelle and she has changed hers to something more unique for your Okiya. I highly suggest doing the same since the copy reflects plagiarism.



Change it to:

● ▬▬▬▬▬▬❖▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬●

●▬▬▬▬ ▬▬ ❖ ▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬●

And the unfortunate dispute between the two mesh kimono designers was from this:

They have since blocked me on their Flickr page.

Then they post this blogpost, showcasing their version of the story as if they are and have always been the victim and still insinuating lies about me; to which I have laughed for they are quite hilarious. I have no alts, one account is expensive enough, thank you. I’m not even in the Geisha Dreams group nor have I tried to be MVW or ask around for jewels and dresses for it. Those who know me know that to be true and would find this hilarious as well.

Another one from the Geisha Dream troupe or her alts ( Isoldel) owner of Isomotion , pretending to be miss virtual world, asked our designers to make a dress and jewells for her to become the virtual miss.

And then shortly after posting, they revised the entire post and deleted the heinous statements… Only to revise it again with more false statements.

Our designers and friends was bombarded with notecards by them asking for work for them instead for us (designer thief) lol.
She trying to get a jewells and dress custom made for beacome a virtual miss even if the price is harras designers and bother stores, ( here start my hate for the miss thing)

And highlighted this from my Facebook post about Belleza’s DMCA incident, which is unrelated to them but they tried to make it seem like it is:

She think filling fake dmca and fake acusations she will not get caught of who is doin it,but sometimes,yes you can see who wrote the notecards, or who posted the group difamation.. get a idea.


To which they removed the statements in the blog post a second time.

So, what is next? Time will tell and it will be cataloged here.

Here is a list of their accounts and associates:

  • acryliquecolour
  • amberperij
  • carladracus
  • edurnehilton
  • elektraxiii
  • fionadracus
  • janedoexiii
  • kokitachan
  • lacocinelle
  • lilithdracus
  • marthacarther
  • nigths
  • xjupiter

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