What I Want in Fashion

In SecondLife (SL), anything can be created from true to life and realism to defying the laws of nature and physics. But there are some things in SL that I rarely see and wish they would appear more often in the fashion industry, particularly in the runway shows.

In most real life runway shows, there is one particular element that is put into each model, whether it be the same accessories, shoes, hairstyle or makeup. It is not generally the clothing designs that have to look similar to bring them all together but something else outside of them. I have only seen a few shows where each model is wearing the same hair/hat or the same shoes but it does not happen enough. The shows are all about the designer but unless the designer provides that element to them, the show coordinator should find something agreeable for each model to use to tie them all together. Heck even if all the models wore the same gloves in different colors, that would be interesting!

There is minimalism in fashion but why not in the runway designs? Though I love a deliciously detailed set, when it comes to most fashion shows, less it better. This might be a personal opinion but I would rather have the highly detailed sets reserved for shows that tell a story, not for the basic needs to showcasing the fashion designs. The audience wants to see the models… not a giant rainbow of prims around them.

With griefers constantly trying to crash high profiled fashion shows and pageants, a few have have turned to Metaverse to have their shows taped live for their audience. While I applaud such measures since it not only helps the models but also the audience members who have poorer connections, I do feel that sometimes those operating the cameras need live feedback of how they are doing. Sometimes the angles are viewed poorly, windlight settings are too light or too dark and the most obvious problem is when the camera sees the model Ruthed. Now the latter might be something that cannot be immediately fixed but the first two can be almost immediately. It just takes a little more communication.

Well, that is it for this year and who knows, maybe things will change in 2013?


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