SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

Safeguarding Your SL

Did you know that a simple six character password can take less than four seconds to crack? Now as scary of a thought that can be, there are ways to help mitigate that by creating a more complex password. Though SecondLife (SL) has a simple set of rules in creating a password, users should step it up a notch to maximize their security.

  • 8-10 characters, if not more
  • Use at least one uppercase letter
  • Use at least one lowercase letter
  • Use at least one symbol
  • Use at least one number
  • No words found in the Dictionary
  • No names, whether they be nicknames, pet or family names.
  • No addresses
  • No keyloggers (computer generated)
  • Change your password every so often
  • Use different passwords for every account, including your email

Now that you have created a strong password, let us focus on what to avoid in SL to prevent thieves from taking shortcuts to get your information.

  • Do not accept password protected items
  • Do not accept random objects to rez or wear
  • Do not click on unknown URLs, such as a TinyURL
  • If you want to click on a link, always copy and paste instead
  • Only log into official Linden sites
  • Do NOT give up your password at all cost! LL will never ask for your password!

For TinyURL links, turn on the preview option. You will need to save the cookie it provides but it will save that setting to your computer and have all TinyURL links previewed before actually going to them.

For all other links, you can use Google’s SafeBrowser by copy and pasting this link with the link of the unknown website after it. –

On a side note, if your account is directly linked to your bank or PayPal account, take it off immediately if you are not actively buying and selling linden on a daily basis. If it does not need to be linked, do not have it so. This will save you a LOT of headache if thieves do hack into your account and have access to your real life finances.



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