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SL Modeling – Combining Mesh & Walks

With mesh becoming increasingly popular for skirt and dress designs, there are a few things that models need to keep in mind when looking for a walk. One of the main issues I hear time and time again is that a walk breaks the lower part of a long skirt. An appropriate alpha can help solve that issue but it also falls onto the walk animation itself.

Mesh can only stretch so far before it stretches itself thin. This is more apparent in long, slim dresses and skirts. To combat this, a model will need to find a walk with a short enough stride that it does not stretch the mesh too far. Short strides are difficult to animate because it limits the use of hip movement while keeping the feet properly planted to the ground. The shorter the stride, the more awkward the walk will look because you will either have to do with a faster pace or dragging feet.

Also to keep in mind is the kind of walk style used. Long, slim mesh skirts and dresses do not favor well to walks that have the feet placement in a straight line or crossing each other. The best walk is one that has each foot’s placement directly straight ahead of itself, with no side to side motion such as a straight line or crossing.

Unfortunately some mesh dresses cannot and will not work with any walk whatsoever. The best a model can do is lessen the amount of break. Anyone can want perfection but every designer understands that there are limits to SecondLife and to respect them is to embrace them.


5 thoughts on “SL Modeling – Combining Mesh & Walks

  1. This is so true, it so great that you posted on this issue, same happen to me ..i tried the skirt with a slower walk when bought it and went on using a casual walk when i wore it which made it start to chip a little bit in the back and knew i had to change walk or
    lesson learned …haha

  2. I got crazy looking for walks that does not “cross” a mesh skirt. It happen too with a lot of poses, you have to take care about it if you want to look perfect. Thanks for this Isoldel, it is really interesting!

    • Yeah, aside from male walks, there are not that many female ones that do not cross the feet. I think it is because the animators want them to look more feminine.

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