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When Facts Becomes Catty

First off, this article is not tended to be about the American politics nor will it be. It is intended to show a stark comparison to the commentary reactions of the public and internet. When you take a step back to see the bigger picture and watch how humans treat each other during certain situations, you begin to see a very bad habit among us.

That being said, I would like for you to read this news article about President Obama visiting a local pizza restaurant and the backlash it is having on the owner. The point that I am about to make is that how sudden the reviews for the restaurant turned from rating the customer service and food to the political standpoint of the owner.

Now take a look at the reviews on the Agency Report, particularly the one about Miss Virtual World and its academy. Can you see the similarities?

If you cannot, then allow me to spell it out in detail. Certain individual comments are attacking not the institution itself but a higher individual that is only partially involved. In the end though, the institution is attacked as a whole because of the hot headed comments of various opposing parties.

Ask yourself this, how are any of the reviews related to how good their pizza and customer service is? Does the owner of the restaurant not serve other individuals because of his personal views, whether they be political, religious or etc. Now we go to the Agency Report… How are any of the comments reflecting how well or poorly the student felt the modeling academy did to teach them? How are any of the reviews discussing the actual facts of a pageant and not rumors or theories?

When faced with accusations, the line between facts and rumors are blurred to a point where it can be impossible to tell who is stating the truth and who is just being catty.


6 thoughts on “When Facts Becomes Catty

  1. hehehe I can’t believe you actually read AR. *cough* It’s like reading the National Enquirer.. (ok,ok, I admit, I might actually peek at the headlines while waiting in line at the checkout.*rolls eyes*) Besides, when people stop reading or paying attention to AR, it will eventually just be a hangout where trolls can go to feel important. Don’t linger on negativity my dear friend, create a positive world about yourself because in 10 years the crud written on AR could possibly have no meaning a’tall to the big picture of SL, and certainly not to RL. As for the president thingy, nah thats just people thinking they are comically novel and acting ugly. It seems to be so many peoples human nature of late. (And I think the pizza guy ended up coming out ahead anyway, which is dead set to rights about the power of karma) And no, I am not picking political sides either, just giving my observation. 😉

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