SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

SL Modeling – In Depth With Schools VS Scams

With as many Second Life (SL) modeling schools as there are out there, it can be tricky to find the right one you want while avoiding the scams. For new models starting out, the temptation to go to a cheap school can be enormous. Here are a few things new models need to look out for when searching for a proper, professional, legit school.

1.) Avoid Pay Per Vote contests. When you think about it, each little linden supplied for your vote does not equate to the full prize. Not a single legit agency or school uses this practice because it is a scam for the voters and contestants. The only winner is the person hosting the contest.

2.) Improper use of poses/walks. Go to a few shows that the school/agency is hosting and see how well their models work the runway. If you need a guide on what to look for, I have written an In Depth With Poses blog entry detailing on what is right. What you do not want to see is a show that looks like it has been scripted down to the poses themselves by the agency/school. Models must choose their own poses to use for an outfit from many different store brands. The only exception is if the show was for a pose store itself.

3.) Do not pay for cover/monthly spots. Normal models do not pay to be featured in a magazine, video or website. They do not pay to be in a fashion show or contest and definitely not to hold a title if they win. They earn their spots with their intelligence, professionalism, manners and above of all, their style. Castings are free to those who attend and the models are those chosen by the agency or designer hosting the show.

4.) Do not pay for the host designer’s display items. Normal agencies will supply the models with the clothing that the hosting designer gives them for the show. Either that or the linden to buy the items. Either way, the model does not pay for the designer’s items that are meant to be shown off on the catwalk. Everything else will obviously need to be fronted by the model to accessorize the outfit.

5.) Read what others have to say. It may take some digging…. okay, a lot of digging, but eventually you will find the best school for you. Websites such as the Agency Report require a lot of filtering from the hate attacks and facts but the truth is there. The best places to ask questions are in SL groups with no particular school affiliation, such as StarWalkers 2010. Do not ask for the owners, CEOs or teachers at a school to answer your questions… ask the students and graduates. Get the information from those who been through what you might want to go through.


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