SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

SL Modeling – Audience Etiquette

When it comes to runway and pageant shows in Second Life (SL), it is the audience that determines how successful the show is. The viewers individually control the levels of memory used on the sim, thus affecting the models and contestants on stage. Though the hosts of the shows can request that all audience members reduce their scripts and detach their AOs, many do not simply for vanity purposes. If you are one of those people who do not wish to look like a noob at the show, here are a few tips to avoid doing so while doing your part to trim down the lag. The models and contestants there will greatly appreciate you for it.

1.) Manual Pose. Take off your AO but have a standing pose/animation ready to play in-world if there is no seating available so you do not look like a noob. You are not the one walking around on stage, right?

2.) Take a Seat. A sim keeps track of where each avatar is to prevent them walking through other avatars and objects. Avatar movement creates a lot of server side lag therefore if you sit, it will reduce this lag significantly. When sitting, your avatar becomes linked to the prim you are sitting on so if the host asks you to sit and there are seats available…. take a seat!

3.) Remove the Scripts. Take a look at everything you are wearing and delete the unnecessary sizing scripts. If you can not do so, do not wear the item. It is best to be under 50 scripts at a show or busy sim. The less, the better. It is advisable to have a back up copy of the item you are about to delete scripts from so you can go back if needed. If you cannot or will not delete the scripts then do not wear the item at all, that includes script heavy HUDs, collars, rings, hair and other sorts of attachments. You can do without them for an hour or so.

4.) Cut the Chatter. If the sim has voice capabilities, do not use them. It takes away from the sim’s memory. Take the little extra time and energy to write out what you need to say. Make sure your mic is muted to avoid accidental ‘hot mics’.

5.) Quiet the Applause. The nifty shortcut that sends out a giant applause that is more than three lines long? Yeah, edit that to one line, please. You not only send a wall of text to others around you but also to the models who need to watch for their cues. Also, some people actually like to read what the commentator says for the outfits and cannot when everyone around them is literally barraging them with text into local chat. The amount of text sent out does not equate to how loud or important your applause is, the models and contestants will see it. Also, shouting their name with words of encouragement is so much more satisfactory than a shortcut.

Lastly…. Don’t be THAT guy/gal!

Note: The levels of ARC affect client side lag, not server lag. This is an article to reduce lag on the server side. To force others to reduce their ARC when they can handle it and you cannot is utterly ridiculous in the writer’s personal opinion. Take note that the writer has a laptop as well. Lastly, there are always exceptions to those with immensely high ARC levels that compete with your average griefer… You know who you are.


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