SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

SL Modeling – Runway Stress

There are many ways to cope with the stress that comes in a runway show and they all depend on the individual. Here are a few ways that might help you. I hope you take them all in stride and keep in mind that these are things that I have seen in others and may not apply to everyone.

1.) Be prepared. The more prepared you are, the less stress you will have when it comes to the final moments before the show. That means sorting out your poses and outfits so you know exactly where they are and do not need to go through multiple folders to find them. Being prepared also boosts your confidence. You know what you need to do and what you are going to do, so just do it!

2.) Practice! Practice! Practice! Going to rehearsals are sometimes not enough. Ask those the show directors if you can practice the walks on your own in between rehearsals, even if it is by yourself. It is even better if you can get another show model to come with you to practice. It shows initiative to the agencies and designers that you want it to be perfect. Also knowing your route, practicing timings, stops and go’s and the whole nine yards will boost your confidence in your skills. Soon enough, you will be able to walk that catwalk in your sleep!

3.) Ask for help. If you are stuck on something, ask for help! There is NO shame in asking and only helps you better yourself. Now that does not mean to ask for every single thing or have all of your questions answered from one person. When you get your answer, keep it in mind for the next time and learn from it. Another great thing about asking for help is that the person you ask it from may return a favor in the future by asking for your advice or opinion. As a model, you need to build those social bridges with fellow models because you might count on them at the most unexpected times. Keep in mind of this when a newer model comes to you for help.

4.) Work together. Modeling is but at the same time is not a competition. In all aspects, everyone is competing to become the top model for the best photographers and fashion designers but when it comes to the actual show itself, everyone is on the same team. No matter what agency you fall under, what school you have been to or who you work with for the show itself, everyone has the ending goal to make the show the best it can be. No one wants to see another model crash on stage or be Ruthed for the walks. If one model looks bad, then it falls onto the other models to correct them immediately or else they will all look bad. In my personal opinion, if you do not tell your fellow model that something is wrong with them, then you are worse off than they are. It is selfish and terrible work behavior. Would you want to work with that kind of person? No.

5.) Breathe… Okay now breathe again. Everyone makes mistakes but have confidence when you make one. It is not a question on if you will make a mistake but when. When you make one, just breathe and continue on. Do not retreat and teleport away. If you fall off the runway, play it off as if you meant to do it and when it is your time, walk backstage with confidence. Just do not forget to breathe! Take deep breaths from the belly, not from the chest. You will get through the stumble with a smile.

6.) Confide in a friend. If you are backstage and need to vent off the anxiety and frustrations, confide in a friend that you can trust. This also works for pep talks. Studies have shown that telling yourself that you are ready is not as effective as someone else saying the same thing. The talking to yourself in the mirror trick simply does not work for most people. Make sure that the person you confide to for both positive and negative emotions is someone you trust, has knowledge in modeling and actually helps you rather than fuel your anxieties and frustrations.

7.) Be humble. You made it through. Congratulations! Now it is time to celebrate and relax! Your major obstacles are over but that does not mean you are off the hook. Take a look back at what you have done and make mental notes on at least three positives to continue doing and three negatives to improve on. No one is perfect though many try to show themselves that way. You know yourself more than anyone but keep in mind that you can ask the other models how you did. A quick critique after the show should be something every model should do with one another. Not only does it help build upon your knowledge and experience but also for those around you.


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