In Loving Memory – Lavendermist McTeague

One of Dallas Modeling Corporation’s beloved models, Lavendermist McTeague (Lavendermist Resident), has passed away on January 20th. The details of her death are not confirmed as of yet but it is known that she passed away while asleep on her couch with a book across her chest, apparently at peace.

Lav is survived by her SL husband/RL boyfriend, her SL BFF Aquaworld and friends and family from around the world. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her. If you have shopped at Mary Jane Shoes in-world store, you may have seen her modeling there. There is a memorial being held at the DMC’s front lawn where you can deposit note cards that will be forwarded to her family.

In the short amount of time that I knew Lav, she came across to me as a wonderful person that I would have enjoyed meeting in RL. We had a few laughs, shared the same frustrations and talked much behind the scenes in the DMC and MJS. Now there is a hole were she should be… Indeed, she will be dearly missed.

Lav, you will be sorely missed. I have been graced with having few people that I’ve met die in my life but for those that have, I remember them all clearly. I remember the first day I met you and the last day I saw you. I remember the jokes we had and frustrations we shared in modeling. I considered you a friend amongst model acquaintances and had I met you in real life, I am sure that we would have gotten along very well. You knew of my real life frustrations and even wished me well when I was severely sick. How can anyone be able to fill your place? They can’t.

I hope that you are at peace with your loved ones. I may be agnostic but I do believe that it is important to wish for the best even if it may or not be real. You deserve the best, Lav.”


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