SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

Individuality and Fads

What defines the look of a model? Is it the puckered lips and squinted eyes or the height and style they utilize? Is it better to look like the rest and be part of a mannequin set or stand out from the norm? I ask these questions time and time again when I see a gathering of models at a show or contest. When set apart from one another, could one actually identify each one based on their face? Most of the time the answer is no because of how similar they are to one another. The few that are identifiable are with unique traits that have grown on them through their modeling career. Whether it be an ethnicity or a constant specific hair and skin choice, I ask why it is so hard to accept other ideas from the norm?

I do not have puckered lips or severely squinted eyes but I do consider my avatar to be beautiful because I stick to a level of realism. It is a bit ironic how certain things are accepted as the norm in certain situations but in all others appear freakish. Take for example in anime where it is not odd to have overly huge eyes while if it were a real life person, people would steer clear from them.

Perhaps it is time for a new style to arise.


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