SL Modeling Tips/Tricks

Professionalism and Note Cards

When one reads a note card about modeling schools, pageants or photo contests, it is disparaging to see how relaxed and rushed the note card appears with as many spelling and grammatical errors there are in them these days. It is all too easy to open a writing application or webpage that can check for these things within two minutes and fix them, so why do I still see them occurring? How hard is it to reread the text and check that you have capitalized every “I”, or spell correctly every “their, there, they’re” and every other commonly misspelled word there is. Heck, more often than enough the computer browser/viewer automatically does it for you as you type by underlying the misspelled word with a red line. But for those without the useful tool, it does not exempt them from using a program to copy and paste their works before submission.

Another all too often mistake is the thought that automatic translators such as Google Translate do their job properly though in reality, they do not even come close. A solution to that problem is to have a friend who is fluent in the language proofread your translated work and fix any problems. The friend would not even need to understand your own language to do so since the rough translation did most of the work already.
Example: Subject A has a note card in Italian and wants it in English. They use Google Translate to put it in rough English but it is a poor translation. Subject A then gives the rough English copy to Subject B to proofread. Subject B does not know Italian but is fluent in English. Subject B then gives the refined version back to Subject A.

The reason I bring this up is that I personally cannot take any person, contest, pageant or schooling seriously if they cannot make themselves look professional in the simplest of ways. I have even considered starting a writing and proofreading business to remedy these issues.

In shortest terms, use spell check!!!


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